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Federico Fellini, Àngel Quintana

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Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini


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Il regista è una delle figure più significative della storia del cinema capace di creare un linguaggio filmico personale profondamente soggettivo e barocco. Attraverso il prisma dei desideri e delle ossessioni del cineasta, lopera di Fellini assume una dimensione universale e scandaglia la natura delluomo moderno in tutte le sue contraddizioni.

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Re: Federico Fellini

Great share mate. Reps given. Thx
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Re: Federico Fellini

thanks in advance for the update
In a way, it's nice to know that there are Greek gods out there, because you have somebody to blame when things go wrong. For instance, when you're walking away from a bus that's just been attacked by monster hags and blown up by lightning, and it's raining on top of everything else, most people might think that's just really bad luck; when you're a half-blood, you understand that some devine force is really trying to mess up your day.
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Re: Federico Fellini

Thanks,this will be interesting.

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